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Keep them staring at your micro bikini bottoms and your bandinis as you pass by, and have all the fun being the center of attention. To set off these tiny creations, you need to have a smooth and perky butt. But if you’re not one of the fortunate few, then you have to work really hard to achieve and maintain a fit posterior. There are a few exercises that can help you reach your goal of having more shapely body. Coupled with good diet, you can enhance certain parts of your body in time for the beach holiday.

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Squats have been proven to develop not only the muscles of your behind but also those of your thighs and legs. You can do these with a couple of 2-pounder weights on each hand to help you balance. Stand straight with your feet, shoulder-apart, then squat like your sitting down on a chair. Keep your back straight, and don’t let your knees go over your toes. For resistance, keep this position for 2 to 3 seconds before lifting again. Repeat for 15 times, increasing reps every time until you reach your desired goal.

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Lunges are also common exercises that help tone your behind and your thighs. To do this, you can start by bending down on one knee and extending the other leg backwards. Be sure to keep your knee from going over your toe to minimize pain and injury. Do more reps, alternating with the other limb. You can also carry weights on each hand when performing this exercise.


If you have access to gym equipment, then do these leg curls that will help develop your muscles. Lie face down on the bench, and position your lower limbs accordingly–the levers of the machine positioned comfortably between your ankles. Start with lifting a few pounds, increasing the reps and weights over the course of time. Not only does this help shape your butt, it also strengthens and tones your muscles.

Dog peeing on a hydrant

More professionally known as leg adduction and extension, this is a glute-strengthening exercise where you must rest one knee on a stable raised surface that you can hold on to. Extend your leg and raise it like a dog taking aim at a fire hydrant. Hold for 2 to 3 seconds, and increase reps over time. Some people also prefer attaching weights to the leg being raised, adding more resistance to better build up muscle tone.